Best Priced Hosting Solution

If you’ve shopped around for Hosting Providers (probably because your site is slow and starting to show memory/bandwidth errors), you’ve seen the big step up in cost, from shared-service, low-price services, to professional, business-level hosting.

Xaveus provides a competitively-priced Hosting Service which has the performance and support-level of the high-spec hosting, but is reasonably priced to suit the budget-conscious business owner.

Xaveus offers high-spec Hosting Service at approximately half the cost of VPN/Cloud and Dedicated Hosting from the big brands.

– how is this high-spec, low-cost achievable?  Contact me for full details.

Choosing a Hosting Company.

If you have your domain (if not, go here 123-reg) and your site is being designed, you’ll need somewhere to host the live site.

The #1 point to note with your choice of hosting for a business site is, does it have good Customer/Technical Support? “What if anything goes wrong with my site, or if it’s hacked?” – you need to repair or restore your site as quickly as possible.
Most good web-designers can recommend a Hosting Co, they want an easy life and will have good experience of which Hosting Co offers immediate-response Support.

The second consideration is the performance of the Hosting in relation to its monthly cost. Again this is something an experienced web-designer will be able to help with recommending.

Most sites can perform adequately on the low-end packages which are on a shared web-server (lots of website accounts on same hard-drive). A good Hosting Co will allow you to move your site to a higher-spec, better performing server if you need to improve the site’s load-speed.