Xaveus is a one-man web development agency

focus on Mobile Responsive web development, I’m an experienced freelance web developer, who combines strategic marketing, branding, SEO and real-world business knowledge to improve the popularity and profitability of your company.

WordPress, Magento and PhoneGap are the tools I use  to produce Mobile Responsive sites or web-apps.

unique, Xaveus holistic approach integrates SEO strategy into every site element and code snippet.

I have developed an extremely unique method of strategic link-building which mimics the organic generation and network spread of related site links and social media.

Not much of a fan of Social Media and I don’t use PayPerClick advertising  – I may sometimes be ‘challenging’ to work with, but if you’re my client, I have your best interests at heart.

priority is on making profit for you, not being a nerd trying to impress you with tech knowledge. I’ll train you how to use your CMS site, and I’ll always be around on the internet somewhere to call on if you want more site features or have an idea to discuss.

Introduce yourself by typing your email address in the box on the Contact page.