This is the additional detail-text that’s too long to fit into a short Freelancer pitch.

Here’s why I offer the best hosting deal on the www.

If you need reliable hosting (something to load the images fast), I offer a service which come with secure SSL certificates as standard (normally £50/year). It’s a high-spec package at a no-profit £12.80 month PAYG – to compete with the ‘big box’ providers. The reason I run the no-profit service is because, dealing with the commercial hosting Cos support-teams is a nightmare, their ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t work.  I rent high-spec servers and take care of all the support issues. It saves me and my clients time and stress.

Incomparable service

It’s not easy to compare my service like-for-like price with other contractors, because I offer a lot more than building a website then leaving you work out how to make it profitable.  Please see my intro/sales-blurb below, for further details on my relevant skills and experience.



How did I get here?

I ran a branding and web agency for 9 years prior to becoming a freelance PHP/Wordpress specialist.
I’ve been involved in the marketing/web industry for over 25 years.

My client portfolio includes BMW/MINI, KPMG, ABB, Alcoa, Virgin Holidays, Aldi, FactionBikeCo, Ride-Snowboards, Alexandra Palace and many of others who aren’t as well-known, but now have great websites or web-based business tools designed by me.

I build WordPress sites that are very easy for you to edit and manage, they are focused on moving the most profitable services or items, in the most efficient and enjoyable way for visitor and site-owner alike. This business/marketing-led approach is what separates me from most contractors advertising on the Freelancing portals.


My service includes:

Branding (and positioning the brand around your competitors), UX definition and how it compares to competitors.

Installing the site and managing the domains on your hosting, Site build, buying/installing and customising a Premium WordPress theme.

Mobile/tablet responsive customisation and testing.

Sourcing/testing/installing appropriate range of essential plug-in modules to keep the site ‘future proof’ and low-maintenance.

Free training for managing your site.

Security, backup, SEO integration, e-marketing module, PayPal/WorldPay setup.

I keep clients very regularly updated throughout the project – hence my great feedback on PPH.

UK based and available every day of the week and also try to be available outside usual 9-5 hours.

I’m used to working with Global Brands and Start-Ups in all territories and time-zones.

Here’s the kind of sites I brand and build >>> (Clean, ‘Apple-style’ site – my first multi-lingual project using English and Asian characters. The photos supplied by the client are the stars of this site, it’s a very basic otherwise with a few tasteful CSS3 page transitions).  (Expert makeup-artist’s portfolio and customer appointments booking). (another simple theme with lots of Photoshop work to ensure all the images from different photo-shoots matched). (commercial service with multiple ‘logic’ driven forms and payment options).  (VR headset systems consultation and supply, online order-specification/system builder). (PR and video agency with unique html features).  (Prestige vehicle sales site with 3d car viewer.) (lots of specialist content management on this site, to suit the computer skills of each contributor).  (re-style and SEO to give a great boost to new business acquisition for this well-known accountancy firm).

Technically advanced features:  (Enrolment system for licensed EstateAgents, linked to AgileCRM with auto log-in and auto population of webforms for ultimate convenience for applicants) (Membership-driven Racing Tips broadcasting site for popular tipster Frank Turner). (a very large engineering site with 900 products – this site has boosted sales dramatically in the 3 months it’s been live it includes lots of integrated tools for the marketing team to do their great work) (e-commerce for popular health and well-being blog/recipes site with e-commerce, check-your-allergies search/filter system).

Service sites:  (America’s most successful dental-practice training provider, online course and booking system) (European IT recruitment agency, with vacancy and candidate-application management system) (Large, Corporate services site with web-forms linked to customer-scheduling of automated software demo and subscription group registrations). (Corporate high-end recruitment) (I rebranded this recruitment agency who subsequently went on to dominate the Midlands market and were bought out by the UK’s largest Recruitment brand.)